Gamer Music Video - The World Is Saved

Gamer Music Video - The World Is Saved

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Дата релиза: 2016-11-09

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The living room is dark save for light being cast
from the big TV screen and the imminent sunrise that is
teasing the once-starry sky with whispers of morning.

You sit there, alone, in your one-bedroom flat.
You stare straight ahead with controller in hand and you
marvel at, YES You did it. You made it. GAME OVER.

And the world is saved, thanks to you.
The people prayed for a hero and you answered the call
and you did a good job, you gave it your best, and you are
proud of yourself though a little depressed that the
world is saved.

You stocked and prepared. You slept at the inn.
Your whole inventory was packed going in with
equipment and items designed to turn man into legend.

You sigh, satisfied, as a cutscene presents
the kind of conclusion you kind of expected
the people are smiling, the sunshine has returned,
it'... Perfect.

But you can not help thinking on what is coming next.
Got work in the morning and your body is upset with your
general lack of paying it any attention.

Your stomach is empty, your body is tired.
It burns every time you try closing your eyes and the
dullest of pain has made camp north of your cerebellum.

But the world is saved, if you like.
The hero hangs up his sword as he says his goodbye.
But then where does he go? What does he do?
The adventure is over, so where does that leave you
when the world is saved?

The curtain falls.
The music plays.
The credits roll and it all fades to black.
And you're left by youself.
The fanfare is gone.
There is no Player 2 there by your side
to share victories won.

But if you slowly progress
down the halll to your bed,
a few great events
leak back into your head.
From the time that you spent
traversing the land,
battling evil, fighting the darkness,
just sword in hand.
Your memories creep in
with the edge of a smile.
You realize again
what you lost for a while.
You are going to think back much less
on how you saved the day
than on all
the experience gained.

At the end of it all,
gamers play what we play
not for GAME OVER,
but rather for what we take away

The world is saved
But who cares
We both know that that's not what you came for.
Your next adventure is already in sight
and you are all set to go
you are wxcited to see what is all wrong 'till it is right
and the world is saved...

Though you're more along for the ride.
(world is saved)

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